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"The Falstaff SURTITLES in Toronto had one magic ingredient - they were FUNNY!!!!!  The audience laughed on cue; the singers continuously responded to their laughter by providing a light, enjoyable, musically complex evening. Brilliant translations that set the stage for true comprehension."

Sander L. Gilman
Professor of Liberal Arts and Medicine
University of Illinois in Chicago

Praise from Artists

"Having been at the birth of SURTITLES in Canada, I am very proud to have witnessed the revolution that has swept the operatic world. Gunta's work, then as now, is inspired: perfect timing, always succinct and informative, and consistently appropriate to the action, from split-second comic text, to the sensitivity of the dramatic moment."
Gidon Saks

Praise from Canadian Opera Company Audience Members

"Also I must tell you that the SURTITLES have just changed my whole feeling towards opera.  Previously with most of the operas that I watched, I had a general idea of what was going on and just let the music wash over me.  Now I can really enjoy understanding what is happening."

"I also greatly appreciate the SURTITLES -- they add enormously to my enjoyment of the operas."

"...loved the production of Coronation of Poppea last night, the SURTITLES were very helpful and unobtrusive."

"Your production, cast and SURTITLES added up to such a memorable evening that, three months later, I am still touting Anna Bolena's praises."

"...congratulations...heartily endorse the SURTITLES, which were beautifully translated and tastefully projected."

"However, the main reason for writing is to yell a very big bravo for the SURTITLES."


The Canadian Opera Company's Salome, 1996. Photo: Gary Beechey